American flag on cruise ship at sunset

A Subtle American Perk

Bill C (Nov. 17, 2013) There is a subtle sense of camaraderie that Americans share as a result of our country’s willingness to protect not only American freedoms but the freedoms of our friends and allies around the world. I was reminded of this when my wife and I visited Israel for a one-day guided tour of the Holy Lands.

We have always wanted to see the sights and walk the streets of Jerusalem, so our recent vacation to Cyprus (located only 90 miles across the Mediterranean Sea from Israel) was the perfect opportunity. On our flight from Larnica to Tel Aviv, we met a young Israeli flight attendant who became very interested in talking with us when he learned that we were from the United States. This young man who is in his 20s, was quick to point out that the fragile peace enjoyed in Israel today was a direct result of US involvement (via armament and munitions) in the 1973 Yom Kippur War that allowed Israel to repel Palestinian aggression. Although these events took place prior to our young friend’s birth, he stated that he appreciated the United States’ desire to help preserve the liberty of his nation. This positive US sentiment continued throughout the day and was demonstrated by several other Israeli citizens during the remainder of our visit. This subtle American perk gave us a sense of welcome and appreciation; as well as a greater sense of security in a place where senseless acts of violence are still unfortunately commonplace.

My thoughts are in no way intended to be a political, religious or philosophical commentary on the state of affairs in Israel. Rather, my desire is to recognize and appreciate the fact that American involvement in the affairs of our allies continues to protect our collective liberties and freedoms as well as insure peace and stability in the world. Finally, these acts of American support and protection to our global friends underpin the heart of liberty in all who love freedom and are kindnesses which are never forgotten!

(Photo by Kim Rodriguez)