Soldiers presenting flags

And the Home of the Brave

Bill C (Nov. 25, 2013) I love America – It is the only place on earth where an individual’s hopes, dreams and ambitions can become a reality regardless of their creed, education or socio-economic status. Additionally, it is a place where nearly everyone respects the dedication and sacrifice of the men and women who have served in our nation’s military; many of whom have laid down their lives to defend the freedom’s we enjoy.

Frances Scott Key summarized it best in his poem called the “Star Spangled Banner” which he inked during the Defense of Fort McHenry in 1812. Key used the words “land of the free” to describe the resolve that every American has to make their own decisions, as well as the privilege to speak out about anything they choose without fear of retribution. Also, when I contemplate Key’s words “and the home of the brave” my mind goes to the many brave soldiers who have proudly served, fought and died for our country over the past 237 years.

If you need a reminder that this kind of patriotism still beats in the hearts of American’s today you need only to go to a major league or college sporting event. When you go, you’ll not only hear the enthusiasm of those in attendance as they sing Frances Key’s poem now called our National Anthem, but you will likely witness public recognition of our military personnel highlighting their most recent accomplishments in protecting America’s freedom. Also, there is a good chance you will witness the compassion shared by all Americans to help one another in times of need via a public call for financial support to organizations such as the United Way, Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Americans provide for their own citizens in times of emergency, natural disaster and human suffering and share a special bond of togetherness. And there is a good chance you’ll see all of this patriotism before halftime!

Opportunity, freedom and compassion for our fellow man, these are just a few reasons why I love America.

(Photo by Carlos Osorio, AP)