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Save Time & Money With Meal-Mail®

Bobbi Pack (Dec. 29, 2013) Campbell’s Kitchens are always cooking up amazing ideas for our military members and their families. From amazing recipes to great coupons that can be used on your favorite Campbell’s items at the Commissary. They know how busy our lives are….our spouses deploy, we have to go to work, hit the gym, hit the Commissary once a week, take the kids to school and baseball practice and we can’t forget to clean the house and do the laundry…wow I sometimes wonder how I even fit in time to cook!

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Airport Holiday Travel Tips

Bobbi Pack (Dec. 22, 2013) Did you know that The Air Transport Association expects 43.6 million passengers to travel on U.S. airplanes over the holidays? WOW, that is a ton of people. Do you think they all will be little Elves or Scrooges?

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Tips For Surviving Holiday Travel

Bobbi Pack (Dec. 19, 2013) I am almost old enough to remember when traveling for the holidays was a more “intimate” affair, a matter of going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.
OK, nobody really goes over the river and through the woods. Now days we drive to the airport and fly around the world on jam-packed planes to see our friends and families for the holidays. So now the rush is on! Just how will we all survive until January?

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A service memorial for those who fought in the first World War.

We Should All Be Thankful

Bill C (Dec. 16, 2013) When I was a young boy – I thought like a child. I longed for things that gave me immediate gratification like candy, toys and television and I was envious of other children who had more stuff than me. And although I was fortunate to have loving parents who had enough resources to provide for me and our family’s needs. I can often remember being unhappy with what I didn’t have. Fortunately, my parents provided for my safety and security as well as my health and emotional well-being, but I never knew to appreciate the protection afforded to me by them – I took it all for granted!

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Storming the beaches of Normandy

The Choice to Serve

Jamaal Wheaton (Dec. 11, 2013) My Grandfather stormed the beaches of Normandy with thousands of his comrades to answer freedom’s call. Proudly he taught me the honor that should be held in serving one’s country. My father served in the United States Air Force and three of my Uncles, in the United States Army. Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, and Awards of Recognition have donned the walls of nearly every male in my family. Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen standing tall and ready to carry the banner that my grandfather carried on that beach in 1944.

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A dog out in the snow in cold weather

Keeping Our Four-Legged Military Brats Healthy

Bobbi Pack (Dec. 9, 2013) During the cold winter months many of our four-legged Military Brats are just as cold as their humans. This is especially true with animals that are not habituated to the cold nor have specific cold weather traits. It’s very important to keep your animals warm during this cold weather as it can affect their health. It does not take much effort to ensure there are warm and snug, here are a few tips to help make sure your four-legged Military Brats are warm and healthy throughout winter.

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Freedoms as American ctizens

The Freedom to Choose

Zach Freeman (Dec. 6, 2013) When I began my undergrad at Texas Christian University in the fall of 2009, I wanted to be a firefighter paramedic. There was even a two-week period where I thought I was going to go premed. After that, it was an audio engineer, a ranch manager, a pilot, and so on and so forth. I won’t walk you through the entire process that brought me to starting my own company, but I believe sharing the beginning of that process was important to demonstrate something great about our country: the freedom of choice.

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The family of Bobbi Pack at Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving Away From Family

Bobbi Pack (Nov. 28, 2013) This year Thanksgiving is a little different for our family because we are stationed thousands and thousands of miles away from family. I really wish we could afford to fly or drive home, but it’s just not in our budget right now. So it’s time for us to make the most of where we are with the friends we have collected over the months we have been at Fort Bragg, NC.

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Thanksgiving in the military

A Veteran’s Thanksgiving

Mike Merit (Nov. 26, 2013) I’m not the type of person who posts what I’m thankful for each day of the week via social media. I do not make a lot of things about my life very public. But, I thought I would take the time to write a few things down this Thanksgiving.

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Soldiers presenting flags

And the Home of the Brave

Bill C (Nov. 25, 2013) I love America – It is the only place on earth where an individual’s hopes, dreams and ambitions can become a reality regardless of their creed, education or socio-economic status. Additionally, it is a place where nearly everyone respects the dedication and sacrifice of the men and women who have served in our nation’s military; many of whom have laid down their lives to defend the freedom’s we enjoy.

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