Flower Shops Near Long Island National Cemetery

Our team at Remember Heroes has worked hard to differentiate ourselves from all the other flower shops near Long Island National Cemetery. Sure, we offer fresh floral arrangements, but we pride ourselves in helping men and women around the country honor veterans that have passed on.

As a Long Island National Cemetery florist that emphasizes an appreciation for veterans, we not only make it possible to honor these fallen heroes, we also provide virtual tours of these picturesque cemeteries for anyone in the world.

When you place an order for Long Island National Cemetery flowers, you get to pick which hero you would like to honor and set a delivery date. Our guys in the field will place these arrangements at the gravesite of a veteran while practicing the utmost of respect.

But, unlike other flower shops near Long Island National Cemetery, we allow you, the client, to vividly share in the occasion with the following:

  • Photos: We deliver the flowers from our flower shop near Long Island National Cemetery and take high-resolution photos once the arrangement is placed. This allows you to see how your purchase looks while honoring your loved one.
  • 360 panorama view: In addition to the photos of the head stone and cemetery, we also produce a 360-degree panoramic image of the view from the gravesite. This is not something you can get from another florist near Long Island National Cemetery, and it helps you truly feel like you are there in person.
  • Memorial web page: Our memorial web pages are yet another feature that makes us a truly unique Long Island National Cemetery florist. We share the photos and images with you via a virtual memorial wall. We will send you the link and you can share the experience online with your friends and family.

Our President and co-founder Mike Merit, who served honorably as a Marine, established Remember Heroes as a way to honor his brothers and sisters in arms. His vision has come to fruition through the most unique of flower shops near Long Island National Cemetery.