Meet the team making it happen.

Mike Merit, Founder

Mike’s story and the story of Remember Heroes are synonymous. Before he founded our organization, he was a U.S. Marine. Mike served three tours of duty in both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, where he worked as a loadmaster on a KC-130 aircraft. Throughout his thirteen-year military career, Mike made exemplary work his top priority, and his devotion was recognized with multiple decorations and four promotions. He was also awarded the Humanitarian Service Award for his involvement in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for his community involvement in San Diego.

Mike has a servant’s heart. That might be why he chose to build his post military life around Remember Heroes.

Flint Holbrook, CEO

Flint’s motivation to help found Remember Heroes was simple: this was a service he and his family would use. Both of Flint’s grandfathers fought in WWII, one as a Marine and one as a Seaman. He was born and raised in South Carolina on the ethics of hard work; a trait he’s applied to leading Remember Heroes and making this service based organization a reality.

Flint’s connection to Remember Heroes goes beyond his family’s military record. To him, it was an opportunity to serve others and give back. He would be able to help families honor veterans for their service just by going to work every day! Flint chose to delay pursuing his MBA at Harvard and instead made the decision to create an organization based on the principles of honor, respect, duty and courage, the same principles that our veterans have lived their lives by.

Nick Cain, COO

Nick followed a very different path than most of his fellow chemical engineering graduates. He walked away from a career in the oil and gas industry; instead he chose to pursue the cause of Remember Heroes. Though he doesn’t have family who has served in the military, he realizes that the sacrifices of the men and women in the armed forces should be honored by all Americans. His goal is to make that reality so all veterans are given the honor and respect they so greatly deserve.

Nick is a problem solver and a people person, which is why he is our Chief Operating Officer. In college, he was a published organic chemist and lobbyist on Capitol Hill for student issues. For Remember Heroes, he makes sure your order goes off without a hitch.

Blair Hancock, Director of Marketing

After graduating from TCU, Blair wanted to find an ethical and socially aware company to be a part of. When introduced to Remember Heroes and the founders, he was thrilled to find just such an organization to call home.

Blair’s vision is to honor not only every veteran, but to also allow every American to honor the loved ones they have lost. Through spreading the word, Blair wants make the Remember Heroes service first available in all national cemeteries, and then everywhere else.