Remember Heroes: From a Veteran, For a Hero

In Loving Memory of Scott N. Germosen.

Mike Merit, the co-founder and President of our organization, made a wish on Memorial Day 2012 that he could change his circumstances. He wished he could somehow see the graves of the brothers and sisters at arms he lost while fighting in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Reflecting on his wish, Mike thought of a way for family and friends to visit the gravesite of a fallen loved one, pay their respects and share the experience with their loved ones online. He envisioned a virtual cemetery experience, one where you could have flowers placed, see your loved one’s headstone and experience a panoramic view of the entire cemetery.

Using Mike’s vision as our inspiration, Remember Heroes allows you to honor and commemorate American heroes in three ways: by putting flowers on their grave, by seeing their memorial decorated with those flowers and by sharing photos and memories with friends and family.

Here at RH, we know nothing comes close to the devotion you experience when you personally visit the final resting place of a loved one — and we know we can’t fully recreate it. We provide this service for every other day that you can’t be there.

Our Business is Committed to Service

Remember Heroes Price Breakdown

Our parent company, American Remembrance, has a mission of connecting people to their loved ones through online communities. They make a business out of developing these connections.

AR’s vision for Remember Heroes is to be a 100% non-profit arm of their organization. This is because each of the founders at American Remembrance shared both a profound respect for American veterans, and a desire to remind everyday Americans of the sacrifices that our United States’ military community makes.

Remember Heroes truly provides our unique service from a veteran, for american heroes and their families, and not for shareholders or corporate profits. To drive this point home and to be completely transparent, we show here the price breakdown of our delivery service and how every penny goes to providing fresh flowers, to the military community or to the government of the United States. Help us serve those who served America. Honor a hero today.